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IDEATION in Aesthetic Cafes in KL: Meet the designers behind the cafes you’ve visited for the ‘gram


23 Feb 2022

You’ve visited and taken photos of the gorgeous cafe they’ve designed—now meet the talented minds behind your favourite aesthetic coffee spots in the Klang Valley

Cafe culture in the Klang Valley has never been greater than it is today, with many of the best cafes in the Klang Valley having not only great food and drinks but aesthetically pleasing interiors too—because who doesn’t love a pretty background for the much-needed update across socials. While many feature stunning and cosy designs, some so much to the point where half their allure comes from the Instagramable layout, we wonder about the process that went into creating these aesthetic spaces and more specifically, who is behind them.

Curious to know which creative genius is behind the decor of your go-to coffee spots and foodie destinations—and which of these share the same designer? Keep scrolling to know more about six local design studios and the spaces they’ve created:

Ideation by Forefront

You’ve probably been to one of Ideation by Forefront’s projects if you keep close tabs on Klang Valley’s cafe scene. The interior design branch of Forefront International started out in 3D visualisation for renowned property developers before getting to flex their eye for beautiful interiors with Forefront’s first F&B venture, Foremula—a clean, bright space utilising brass finishing to evoke a classy dining environment reminiscent of Australia’s brunch scene.


Gilded details are one of their signature elements that you’ll also spot at Therefore, where the warm yet delightfully contradictory colour palette creates a whimsical ambience reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel. Also noteworthy is Forebidden, a gastropub in which the oriental look is given a modern spin befitting its cheeky wordplay on Beijing’s Forbidden City.



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