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How FOREFRONT International optimises technology in its recruitment process

PUBLISHED BY: Human Resources Online

10 Jul 2015

Mindvalley may have been founded as recently as 2003, but it proved it is no novice to recruitment best practice, as it won gold for the best advertising strategy at the inaugural Asia Recruitment Awards in Malaysia.

Winning the silver was FOREFRONT International, in a ceremony where the winners were concluded on the basis of an extensive jury panel comprising practicing HR professionals from across Asia.

Mindvalley’s hiring strategy is based on fit-for-attitude over fit-for-skill – “Skills are trainable. Attitude, however, is not something as easy to master.”

When it set out to grow the customer experience team by 50%, the Mindvalley team decided to do away with typical job descriptions, by outlining the unique culture of each team, and the success stories of people who started in that function.

Uniquely, the company’s career page is designed to automatically self-select people with the right attitude by explaining the right culture fit and the qualities sought out in a candidate, reinforced through imagery which illustrates what they can expect from being an employee.

For this position, candidates were asked to fill in a short application form stating why they love customer support, as well as submit a 3-minute video about what makes them the perfect candidate.

In a recruitment campaign support both digitally and offline (such as through Facebook Ads and a partnership with AIESEC), Mindvalley received more than 200 applications from 13 nations, giving the company adequate candidates to handpick the best.

As a result of conveying a genuine employer brand and hiring for attitude-fit, Mindvalley regularly hits 95% customer satisfaction in ratings according to Nicereply.

FOREFRONT International had another interesting story to tell, with the launch of a website dedicated to potential candidates.

With job advertisements primarily hosted on JobStreet, the company led candidates to this portal, giving them a peek into what the experience of working at FOREFRONT is like.

Besides, vacancies are also advertised on traditional print media platforms, as well as other digital properties such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Not only did the efforts see more than 150+ CVs coming in from digital media platforms in a span of eight months, but they also got many former colleagues interested in returning to work with FOREFRONT, giving the new line of thinking and approach to culture.

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