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Three’s a Party: FOREFRONT Takes Home a Trio of Recognition Awards

08 Nov 2019

Darien Mah (centre), Founder & CEO, flanked by Forefronteers at The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA)’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

PETALING JAYA, 8 November 2019 — FOREFRONT took home a trio of recognition awards on Tuesday, November 5, at an event hosted by Star Media Group Bhd to celebrate The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA)’s 10th anniversary celebration.

Of the nine categories presented during the SOBA 10th anniversary celebration to commemorate the success of past award recipients, FOREFRONT, under the leadership of Founder & CEO Darien Mah, secured recognitions in three categories: Entrepreneurial Spirit, Most Awards Won, and SME Advocate.

In the past decade, SOBA has championed non-public listed companies and SMEs that have achieved tremendous growth in their fields. Entrepreneurial Spirit celebrates visionaries who have showcased exemplary management and leadership while advancing the company forward into the future, while SME Advocate is awarded to entrepreneurs who have contributed to the SME community by sharing their knowledge and business know-how at SOBA events.

“SOBA has been very supportive in highlighting local enterprises that are achieving strong business growth and implementing sustainable business practices,” said Mah, shortly after accepting the certificates of recognition. “We are honoured to be acknowledged tonight for our years of growth and commitment to our industry, and also to have won SOBA’s Top-Of-The-Class Awards in previous years.”

Mah receiving the SME Advocate recognition from Lydia Wang, Chief Business Officer of Star Media Group, during SOBA’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

In 2017, FOREFRONT was awarded Malaysian Business of the Year, Platinum for the Best in Marketing Award, and Gold for the Best Employer Award and Best Brand Award categories. In 2016, Darien was recognised as the Male Entrepreneur of the Year, while FOREFRONT achieved Gold for the Best Employer Award and Silver for the Best in Marketing Award. In 2015 and 2014, FOREFRONT also received high accolades in similar categories.

“Our SOBA progression, from 2014 to today, showcases the milestones we’ve hit and the progress we’ve had growing our business,” continued Mah. “As FOREFRONT progresses forward into the future with new ventures and offerings, we continue our hope to inspire and collaborate with other SMEs, and to learn how we can be a better business, an empowering employer, and creative pioneers in our field.”

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