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Madam Loan—The AI-Powered Aunt with a Wicked Sense of Humour

03 Oct 2019

PETALING JAYA, 3 October 2019 — Madam Loan, the newest AI-powered aunt in town, brings a refreshing update to chatbot platforms, with her wicked sense of humour.

A collaborative effort between property developer Mah Sing and financial comparison website RinggitPlus, Madam Loan is a one-stop resource centre that addresses questions homebuyers may have when purchasing a property.

The stylised Madam Loan design, conceptualised and created by award-winning creative group FOREFRONT, features a friendly face that is synonymous with the easy-to-use Madam Loan chatbox interface, and is immediately distinguishable from existing resource centres in the market.

Hip, trendy, and always seen with a chic scarf tied around her neck, Madam Loan is akin to a cool aunt—someone you wouldn’t think twice of approaching, and a kind figure who wouldn’t admonish you for “silly questions”. This is important, because insights show that young people are reluctant to speak to bank officers and sales agents at a property gallery, based on unfounded fears of being judged.

Madam Loan aims to answer questions those unfamiliar with mortgages and home financing may have, while offering personalised services. Imagine Madam Loan presenting you with a curated display of properties based on your financial circumstances, or the option to directly apply for a mortgage.

The approachable persona FOREFRONT crafted for Madam Loan matches the chatbot’s level of personalisation, introduces humour to an otherwise rigid programme, and empowers potential homebuyers to engage and connect. She is trustworthy, reliable, and possesses extensive financial knowledge.

With cardinal-red hair and mustard-yellow cat-eye glasses, Madam Loan is kind, unbiased, and approachable. She’s the cool aunt you’d want to go to if you’re unsure about your loan eligibility, the non-judgmental face you want to see when you cannot secure a loan due to poor financials, and the discreet professional who will help you pick the best mortgage product based on your needs and income level.

Discover Madam Loan here, the one-stop platform that bridges the gap between homebuyers and property developers.

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