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Malaysian Creative Group Reimagines Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Sets

21 Aug 2019

PETALING JAYA, 21 August 2019 — Award-winning creative group FOREFRONT International releases Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Sets to celebrate the spirit of harmony and togetherness this season.

Featuring six unique halal-certified mooncakes and a DIY lantern kit, FOREFRONT’s Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Set is fashioned to be savoured while spending quality time with loved ones.

Indulge in delightful contemporary flavours of Charcoal White Lotus with Crushed Yolk, Red Bean Matcha Mochi, Lava Golden Buttermilk, Sweet Potato Mochi, Lava Black Sesame, and Hojicha Almond Nut — carefully hand-selected to also complement Foremula and Forebidden’s menu offerings. On top of that, the DIY lantern kit comes with a tea candle, a step-by-step guide, and a Chinese mystic knot tassel for the perfect finishing touch.

Age-old traditions and modern interpretations come together in this seasonal gift set, designed to be a reminder of one of life’s precious gifts (, lǐ) — cherished moments when reunited with friends and family (, hé). The narrative wordplay does not end there. A koi (, lǐ) and a crane (, hè) frame the elements of the packaging design, and are delicately carved onto the mooncakes, acting as symbols of strength, longevity, and good fortune.

“For this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival release, we wanted to fuse festival traditions with contemporary flavours that will appeal to all,” said Jeff Chang, COO, FOREFRONT. “These sets are perfect as gifts, but they also express the importance of time spent with loved ones.”

“Festive campaigns like the Chinese New Year #SowProsperous Gift Boxes earlier this year and prosperity packs from previous years were only available in limited pieces for our brand partners, and we had people requesting to purchase them,” explained Jeff. “For this particular release, we want to bring joy to the public and share these festive gifts with everyone.”

FOREFRONT’s Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Sets are priced at RM119 during the introductory period (RRP RM149), and are available at Foremula, Forebidden, and Therefore.

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