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EcoWorld approached FOREFRONT with a task: to conceptualise and formulate a campaign in conjunction with World Environment Day. The purpose of this campaign was to raise public awareness to take environmental action where possible, and to educate the public on the various methods of energy conservation. We were tasked to create a platform that would utilise an engaging method for the public, so that it enticed the readers and viewers to find out more.


To address the issue of educating the public on these topics, FOREFRONT designed a gameplay method that required visitors of the website to tap as fast as they could on their keyboards or phone screens. The accumulated result at the end of the duration informed the players of their scores, and how that amount of energy could be translated into real-world usage. After the necessary education, the site also enlightened the player on the many different ways that they could conserve energy back home, and that even the smallest action made a huge difference.

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