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[Masters of Marketing] Achieve performance marketing maturity for your brand

PUBLISHED BY: ClickInsights

12 Jun 2020

In the past few months, we’ve seen businesses renew their focuses on digital opportunities. This has been driven by the need for business survival and to accommodate shifts in consumer sentiment.

Performance marketing plays a crucial role in delivering brand messages to the right consumers at the right time.

Sylvester Hiew, Partner at Aforemention, shares the different ways you can help your brand achieve performance marketing maturity.

1. Unify your consumer data
Invest in your business’ technological capabilities to collect and own first-party data, then form strategic partnerships with other parties, such as external specialists, to scale and enhance your data collection.

Combined data, collected through a variety of sources, can help your brand accurately track relevant consumer behaviour and predict future patterns.

Investing in a comprehensive data network will help in achieving hyper-personalised consumer experience, and produce content that is relevant to the target audience.

2. Approach data ethically
Respect your consumers by disclosing how their personal data is used. There is a real person providing you with that data, after all. Reassure them by showing how you’re safeguarding their data privacy. Digital channels are now the norm to bridge the gap between a business’ offerings and their consumers. Your consumers are aware of how their behavioural data can be used by your business.

Make clear how you’re complying with data privacy regulations. To cultivate brand loyalty and trust, this is an exercise in transparency a business has to prioritise in its brand-building efforts.

3. Push for stronger collaboration between teams
This will ensure genuine inclusivity when developing and promoting products and services. A forward-thinking marketer knows that for a product or service to be genuinely inclusive, transformation needs to occur throughout the organisation.

From getting the C-suite’s buy-in to the product and marketing teams being on the same page, genuine inclusivity can only exist when there is a unified view of customer data across business units. Whether you’re addressing the needs of an underserved community or making your offerings accessible to all audiences regardless of skin colour, cultural backgrounds, or language preferences, genuine inclusivity is a belief that has to be approached from the inside out.

4. Be ready for change
As you posture your brand for the future, anticipate and be ever-ready to adapt socially. You’ve built products, campaigns, and messages based on connected data. So what’s next? Consider the rise of 5G and continue to align your efforts with innovative marketing technology. What will the future AI-powered voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa look like, and how will their “cleverer” versions help consumers to better discover your products and services?

Performance marketing will continue to evolve according to technological improvements and consumer sentiments. By innovating, your brand can achieve the performance marketing maturity it needs to rise above the fray. At the very least, you’ll be on the right trajectory to power YOUR performance marketing efforts, to explore fresh areas of potential growth.

About Aforemention
Aforemention is a Malaysian homegrown performance marketing agency, helping brands to enhance their digital outreach in an ever-changing consumer landscape. Founded in 2020, Aforemention takes advantage of data to create meaningful brand experiences.

Aforemention is a FOREFRONT company, and also houses two distinctive brands, alternative content hub The Full Frontal and video production house 919, offering native and branded content editorial services.

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