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FOREFRONT ushers in good times this CNY with handwritten wishes

PUBLISHED BY: Advertising + Marketing Malaysia

07 Jan 2020

Malaysian creative and marketing agency FOREFRONT Group is ushering in Chinese New Year with its “Bringing in Good Times (好年华)” campaign, which encourages individuals to reflect on life’s blessings and engage in New Year traditions via handwritten notes.

As a gesture of appreciation, FOREFRONT is gifting exclusive “Bringing in Good Times” packages to clients and brand partners. The packages comprise red packets with knot tassles and rice crackers that allude to the Chinese belief of rice symbolising wealth and good health. In hues of shimmery rose gold and radiant red, the red packets open up to reveal a dedicated space for handwritten wishes, while embossed borders decorate the envelopes.

Additionally, the microsite also allows users to step back and reflect on their past year through an interactive experience where they answer a curated questionnaire. Participants are encouraged to share their final score as a public Facebook post, with the hashtag #ForeGoodTimes, to stand a chance to win FOREFRONT’s limited-edition red packets until 12 January.

Users can also compose a note to their future self, such as affirmations for self-improvement and goals to achieve. Selected responses will receive handwritten versions by post, while all participants will receive them by email, at a later date, as a reminder of their aspirations.

“Going into the new decade, we want to encourage everyone to count their blessings, appreciate the good times we have in the present, and look forward to future opportunities. The Bringing in Good Times campaign is a reminder of the reasons why we celebrate the New Year and how we can enter 2020 in high spirits,” said Jeff Chang, CEO, FOREFRONT. Chang was promoted to CEO of FOREFRONT’s creative arm last November, succeeding Darien Mah. He is currently responsible for the overall vision and growth strategy of FOREFRONT’s creative unit.

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