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FOREFRONT International excels in the use of digital media

PUBLISHED BY: Human Resources Online

16 May 2016

In making use of digital media for recruitment, Maybank has proved itself as one of the best in Asia, taking home the gold award for the category Asia Recruitment Awards 2016, in Singapore, it also bagged the silver award in Malaysia.

Sharing the gold award with Maybank in Singapore was Changi Airport Group (Singapore) which stood out for its excellent use of digital media in recruitment.

At the awards – hosted at the Shangri-La Hotel on April 13 in Singapore, the silver award for the category was awarded jointly to Certis CISCO Security as well as Ericsson, while Ambition Singapore took home the bronze.

Commenting on the win, Dave Ansell, head of talent acquisition, South East Asia & Oceania at Ericsson said: “We’re extremely happy to have been awarded the silver award for best use of digital media in recruitment; it’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of a phenomenal team of people throughout the company who have been involved at all stages of our journey to this point.”

“Our global employer branding team in particular, have been phenomenal considering how lean a function we are within HR at Ericsson enabling us to get to this point with active channels across all major social media platforms.

“What really differentiates us from our competition is how well this ties into our overall EVP and employer branding message which is helping us target a more diverse candidate pool for Ericsson’s next 140 years.

“I’m especially happy with the traction we get on our careers blog, particularly when we focus on special events such as the recent focus on Girls in ICT where we shone the spotlight on young girls looking to pursue a career in ICT,” Ansell added.

Hosted at Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral in April 2016, the Asia Recruitment Awards 2016, Malaysia, validated FOREFRONT International’s excellent use of digital media in recruiting by crowning the firm the gold winner in the category.

Commenting on the win, Darien Mah, CEO of FOREFRONT International, said: “It is a truly humbling experience for us and it has validated our initial intent of attracting the younger creative generations to be interested in being a part of us and to know more about our culture that we have here at FOREFRONT.”

“We employ such innovative hiring strategy in line with our efforts to create a work environment that is quintessentially cosmopolitan; and we constantly look to acquire talents from a wide variety of specialisation and cultural backgrounds; which also prompted us to set up our London office just recently.

“We strongly believe that our people are our most important resources, and we use many creative ways to develop, grow and help them grow. We don’t have a factory or a formula – we have people,” Mah added.

“Being in the business for over a decade helped us to prove ourselves to be more than just a creative agency. We are a learning organisation that strives to grow with our team members and even clients, many of whom share similar causes and visions.”

Maybank took home the silver trophy at the awards ceremony while the bronze award was shared between Ambition and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Tiffany Khor, marketing manager for Asia at Ambition commented on the win, saying: “I am absolutely honoured to be able to receive an award for the hard work my team and I have been putting in. To be competing against so many firms and to take home an award tells us that we are on the right track, a great motivating factor for my team and I to continue to challenge the boundaries of using digital media and taking it to the next level.”

The Hong Kong edition of the Asia Recruitment Awards 2016, which was held at Hotel Icon on April 7, 2016 saw SAP SE capturing the judges’ hearts and clinching the gold award for the Best Use of Digital Media category.

With its unique approach to recruitment, New World Development bagged the silver trophy at the region’s premier awards for rewarding excellence in recruitment, while ANZ took home the bronze.

Commenting on the win, New World Development stated: “Breaking away from traditional approaches, the Group taps ‘New World Talent’ Facebook Page to encourage prospective candidates to submit their creative work online. Through this screening mechanism, the Group hopes to recruit more artisans who appreciate its brand values.”

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