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FOREFRONT Group launches new tech venture, looks to recruit for a range of positions

PUBLISHED BY: Human Resources Online

11 Mar 2021

Late last month, FOREFRONT Group announced its growth plans, in line with the group’s new tech venture – FOUN, a tech ecosystem that streamlines the home-seeking and home-providing journey.

In a press release, Darien Mah, founder of FOREFRONT Group, noted that the growth plan is also in line with its ongoing efforts to ramp up productivity and talent mix diversification.

Mah said: “It’s time that we open up the windows of opportunity and embrace an upward change in the new year, hence we still seek to grow our talent pool even during such extraordinary times. As a creative agency, I think challenges and changes are something we receive very well. We can show the strength of our team and how we can adapt into different scenarios.”

On the back of the announcement, Human Resources Online spoke to Darien Mah, Founder of FOREFRONT Group on the positions the firm is hiring for, what determines a good candidate fit, and what the launch of FOUN means for existing employees.

Q: What are the positions FOREFRONT hiring for?

There are eight openings available, namely Senior Creative Copywriter, Front-End Web Developer, Back-End Developer/Programmer, Strategy Manager, Performance Marketing Executive, Digital Designer, 3D Compositor, Interior Designer. We plan to recruit over 20 talents to fill up the positions across FOREFRONT Group.

Here at FOREFRONT Group, we tend to think in abundance and there is an understanding that opportunities are not finite, for as long as we’re in business, there is always opportunity to grow.

Q: How does FOREFRONT decide if a candidate is a good fit?

We value diversity in people, and most importantly, we encourage inclusivity. We look for dedicated team players who demonstrate resilient qualities, inquisitive, and have the desire to thrive along with us.

As part of FOREFRONT Group’s growth agenda, we aim to boost the Group’s efficiency with strategic hiring. We believe that a diversified talent pool will further enrich our ecosystem, which in turn can foster innovation and create new dynamics that lead to evolution of our business. Above all things, flexibility and adaptability are key qualities to fit right into our established close-knit work culture and environment.

Q: Please tell us a little bit more about FOUN?

FOREFRONT Group’s latest tech venture – FOUN is a tech ecosystem that streamlines the home-seeking and home-providing journey. The one-stop platform is designed to help bridge homeseekers and home-providers via a rewarding referral system. The initiative will see a greater vision in bringing excellence throughout the group’s services, providing property developers and Malaysian property landscape a fresh perspective.

Q: Are the hiring plans mainly for FOUN? And what does this mean for the existing employees?

FOREFRONT Group is looking for talents to join all of its business units. With flexibility being key, the exciting launch of FOUN has definitely opened doors to opportunities for jobseekers and existing employees alike. Other than personal and financial growth opportunities, our latest venture also promotes skill portability and internal career mobility.

Every employee is given equal career progression opportunities, regardless of experience and position. Staying true to the Group’s close-knit work culture, upholding togetherness is key. As such, there are flexible team structures across the group to promote a truly collaborative workplace

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