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PropertyGuru MY awards social media content strategy retainer to Aforemention


19 May 2022

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Digital property marketplace PropertyGuru in Malaysia has awarded a nine-month social media content strategy retainer to Aforemention, a performance marketing agency under creative firm Forefront Group.

The partnership will see a new content series called ‘#GuruKnows’, aimed at guiding home seekers in making confident decisions by curating some of PropertyGuru Malaysia’s best content. A masthead that pays homage to PropertyGuru’s brand colours of red, yellow, white, and grey, is featured alongside the content series to highlight the function and purpose of the website. The design elements also feature a persona with a smart hairstyle and glasses, portraying an intelligent guru full of property knowledge — a nod to the ‘guru’ identity, and the letter ‘O’ is stylised with a magnifying glass to symbolise how easy it is for users to find their answers.

Moreover, the partnership entails Aforemention being responsible for PropertyGuru Malaysia’s social media content management and other performance marketing duties under the ‘#GuruKnows’ content series. The agency will also work on elevating PropertyGuru Malaysia’s social content to further enhance their position as the property industry leader for the current buyers, as well as future buyers.

Darien Mah, Forefront Group’s founder, said, “This is a pivotal point for brands to start communicating with property buyers of the future. The aspiration to lead a good life starts early, it is up to industry players to grab their attention and nurture their intents as early as possible.”

Meanwhile, Sylvester Hiew, Aforemention’s partner, commented, “We are excited about the creative potential. By injecting pop-culture references and memes into our assets, we can equip aspiring property buyers with crucial knowledge and at the same time keep them entertained.”

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