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5 must-watch Chinese New Year 2021 ads to bring back joy into the celebrations

PUBLISHED BY: The Rakyat Post

09 Feb 2021

One quintessential Malaysian experience is relishing in the creative advertisements that pop up for national celebrations, and this Chinese New Year it’s no different.

While the pandemic and lockdowns mean that reunion dinner this year will be different, at least the Chinese New Year ads are just as festive and creative!

So here’s some of the best CNY 2021 ads that really got us in the feels:

Gamuda Land – Rejoice in Harmony《家睦则达》(e-Moo-ji) 🧧🥰[CNY 2021 Short Film]

Honestly, the Rejoice in Harmony《家睦则达》(e-Moo-ji) short film by Gamuda Land is probably the cutest CNY ad we’ve ever seen!

The short film tells the tale of a family running a kopitiam who are feeling the frustrations of the economic slowdown. While the topic is heavy, the humorous narration,use of adorable emojis, beautifully illustrated backgrounds and a lovely message of family support make it such a joy to watch.

Julie’s Biscuits – Operation Maybe

Though technically not a CNY ad, we definitely have to applaud the Ocean’s Eleven-style of storytelling and filmmaking shown in Julie’s Biscuit’s short film called Operation Maybe.

The hilarious comedy-action heist film centres around a long-serving biscuit factory employee who’s had enough with an indecisive boss and decides to take matters into his own hands. So he gets himself a crew of misfits and turns the company upside down in a series of comical escapades.

Definitely a fun watch for CNY!

Maxis – Little Lion

This is a touching story of a family of lion dancers adjusting to their new life as they teach their youngest the true meaning of lion dance.

Despite the hardships they face, the family still manages to incorporate their love of the dance into their chores and the “little lion” soon learns a valuable lesson in the importance of family.

Petronas – 一起 “Yi Qi”

Of course, no festive season is complete without a Petronas ad and they deliver once again with a colourful animated take on the mythical tale of dancing lions who drove away evil spirits.

This light-hearted ad beckons watchers to find a new rhythm of joy – a message all can surely resonate with.

FOREFRONT International/FOUN – A Return to Abundance

Staying at home while physical distancing honestly made the past year a creative hotbed for viral trends, especially on TikTok. So why not an uplifting CNY ad that recreates all that viral fun for the celebrations?

With an original song created by renowned local composer Deng Zhi Zhang, employees of the company lip-synced and danced along in the A Return To Abundance music video.

It’s a catchy, quirky bop so watch out! You just might end up singing and dancing along yourself!

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