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Branding // November 12, 2015

Tips to Get Closer to People’s Ideal Property Brand Personality

Tips to Get Closer to People's Ideal Property Brand Personality

The closer people feel to a brand, the more likely they are to buy from it.

As a matter of fact, between 30 and 35% of our research respondents stated that they would still buy from their favourite Property Brand even if it provided less attractive offerings in terms of location, price, design, quality and facilities.

But what is this ideal property brand? We conducted research to find the brand traits that are most likely to win over the minds of the market and influence their purchasing decisions; here are the results.

Towards the Ideal Property Brand Personality

For a reminder of the different Brand Archetypes and their significance, refer to the following chart and discover their profiles by looking over each archetype.

The results of our research show that the brand personality with the best chances of connecting with property prospects and property connoisseurs primarily carries the archetype of the “Innocent,” and the archetype of the “Regular Guy” as a secondary.

The ideal property brand personality thus appears very different from the current Industry perceptions, which view the Industry as saturated with the archetypes of the “Magician” and the “Explorer.” People’s perfect brand would therefore be less ego-centric and more socially relatable to its target market.

Tips in Order to Work towards the Ideal Brand Personality

Here are some directions to assist a Property Brand in becoming closer to their prospective customers’ ideal archetype, based on the respondents’ preferences in terms of brand communication strategies. These strategies will help brands shape their perceptions by communicating and sharing only the most effective content. These pieces of content must be spread across as many relevant touchpoints as possible, from social media to blogs, email campaigns, brochures, events, billboards, TVCs, radio spots and more.

1. Get a more social brand by relating more to your target’s passions.

Know your customers, and what their passions are. Include this in your brand communications. In order to know what your audience’s tastes are, you can ask your sales agents for help in gaining the insight necessary, analyze your web traffic and monitor social media conversations about your brand.

2. Take up current public concerns and spread your optimism.

More commonly known as real-time marketing, taking up current public matters will get you closer to the “Innocent” archetype, but this is also an excellent online strategy to gain SEO visibility and increase your social media reach by encouraging people to share your content.

3. Show that you understand people rather than motivating or inspiring them.

Understand the problems your customers face during their buying journey. This has a great chance of converting prospects into leads.

4. Insist on the fact that you change people’s lives for the better.

Last but not least, Property Brands are symbols of transformation. This is the strongest point to start working from: Just as Coca Cola could not hope to create their image as a rebel brand overnight, Property Brands should begin by leveraging on their current “Magician” archetype.

So What to Do?

Each Developer faces their own unique set of challenges and their target markets have different expectations to be fulfilled.

At FOREFRONT, we can help you tailor the actions you take in order to fine tune your brand personality and behaviour to better reach your targeted market segment.

As a full-fledged creative agency, we provide complete services to ignite your brand(s), from brand research, creative ideation to design, copywriting, 3D visualization, UX design, and video production.

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