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Branding // March 6, 2020

2020 Marketing Trend: Cause-related Marketing

For years, brands have been placing an increasing focus on their purpose and their ‘why’, utilising it as their main bridge of communications with audiences and consumers.

It’s no surprise then that cause-related marketing has been a recent trend over the past few months, and will continue to be one throughout 2020. Here’s a breakdown on why:


  • Having a cause a brand believes in humanises them, builds empathy, and makes itself more approachable for their target audience to stand with them and advocate for the cause together.


  • Choosing something the brand believes in and heavily relates to in terms of the brand’s values can boost employee morale. Your employees will work harder and more passionately to help this campaign succeed. This, in turn, will be reflected throughout your brand’s marketing funnel. Since Hari Raya is coming up, having a cause-related Raya campaign is a great avenue to tap into.


  • Apart from just contributing financially,  directly integrating social goodwill into your brand will earn media coverage and raise higher public awareness – provided that the creative direction and media channels are integrated well and maximised to their best potential. After all, marketers are expected to shift from the attention economy to the emotional economy. Brands have been doing cause-related marketing for Ramadan and Raya, so here’s your sign to start planning now!


  • Some causes may be risky to make a stand with, but controversies can draw superbly loyal customers to brands – but only if the cause fits. Fundamentally, risks can pay off well when you know your customer like the back of your hand.


Interested in running a high engagement Ramadan or Raya campaign for the upcoming festivities? Contact us HERE, and let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your business and marketing goals.


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