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Branding // January 30, 2019

Our Favourite Projects in 2018

2018 has been a year of opportunity and growth for FOREFRONT, helping us gain much-needed experience we’re truly grateful for. We had a reflective January looking at some of the notable projects we’ve done for our clients, especially those that helped shape us into a better version of ourselves.

Trion @ KL - Binastra Land

Trion @ KL by Binastra Land is set out to be an integrated living serviced residence for trendy urbanites with vibrant lifestyle preferences in the heart of KL. As this was a new project that required branding from the ground up, FOREFRONT was engaged to help Trion develop an identity and gain interested buyers with a comprehensive branding campaign to get the word out about the 66-storey project.

FOREFRONT worked on digital and traditional marketing collaterals (e.g. a website, social media strategising and content management, offline print artwork, outdoor advertising collaterals) while also utilising its 3D services arm. We produced 3D walkthroughs, photorealistic perspectives, and a 360-degree touch screen technology – the Real-time 3D Display, which allowed audiences to view the entire project’s scale model on an 86” television, letting them zoom in and view specific residence phases and facilities in 3D. These were used to ease the integrated sales flow at the Trion sales gallery, not only aiding in interactivity but also allowing Binastra Land to easily transport their models compared to conventional physical scale models.

To date, Binastra Land is the first property developer in Malaysia to use the Real-time 3D Display, making this a great first field test for this technology. With this, Trion has been able to stand out from their competition as they have strengthened their customers’ digital retail experience and now has a greater appeal to today’s property buyers.

Rediscover Campaign - Sime Darby Property

In conjunction with Sime Darby Property’s first anniversary of being an independent entity, they wanted to re-evaluate their customer brand perception and boost brand awareness. Hence, FOREFRONT was roped in to conceptualise a creative branding solution for them. To start off, we created a nostalgic campaign that rode on the festive mood of the 14th Malaysian General Election, named “Rediscover Being Malaysian”.

The “Rediscover” theme proved to be a sustainable one as we were able to maintain the concept across different times of the year, bringing with it a whole meaning: rediscovering what Sime Darby Property has to offer. The campaign carried on into a Hari Raya campaign – “Rediscover Evergreen Raya” which made a splash and increased the company’s property sales. The latest phase of the campaign was concluded in 2018, named “Rediscover Our Hidden Gems”, which invited the public to get a glimpse of their selection of properties.

Rather than focusing on one marketing medium, FOREFRONT came up with a solution that engaged Sime Darby Property’s target audience digitally and traditionally at every turn. Our strategy involved a microsite, social media ads, press ads, and out-of-home advertising (OOH) materials. During the “Rediscover Our Hidden Gems” campaign period, Malaysia Day presented an opportunity for us to grab customer attention by producing a musical-inspired music video ad. Titled “Rediscover Our Hidden Harmony”, the video garnered over 1.1 million views across Youtube and Facebook. To bring this campaign’s awareness further, all of the brand’s business units also adapted and utilised the campaign masthead for its entire product listing collaterals individually. All in all, the “Rediscover” campaign was successful in achieving Sime Darby Property’s main objective: brand awareness.

Under the Sun - Sunway Property

A recent challenge within the Malaysian property industry is the gap between low income levels and appreciating property prices. Sunway Property sought to bridge this gap by launching their new financial scheme Certainty+, giving interested home buyers a chance to loan from Sunway Property instead of banks for a smoother home owning process.

FOREFRONT was approached to help launch the financial scheme while simultaneously improving Sunway Property’s brand awareness and communication. We developed the branding campaign “Under the SUN” to serve these goals, with “SUN” being an acronym for Sustainable, Urban, and Nurturing – elements of Sunway Property’s core identity. The tagline “There is Certainty + Under The SUN” brought the campaign title and financial scheme together, adding a layer of congruence to the concept.

To achieve the campaign’s objectives, FOREFRONT strategised and planned for Sunway Property’s social media platforms (i.e. Facebook and Instagram), developed a microsite, and designed Google ad banners to ensure message consistency. Apart from that, we also handled all print collaterals including buntings, backdrops, and press ads for Sunway Property’s media launch event for Certainty+. FOREFRONT also produced an introductory video for the campaign, which was screened during Sunway Property’s media launch as well as shared on social media. This campaign successfully accumulated more than 100 organic leads in a short span of 3 weeks, making it a resounding success.

De La Sol - Capitaland Vietnam

When we won the pitch for Project De La Sol, we were tasked to help CapitaLand Vietnam appeal to the modern, socially active, young, and vibrant audience profile in an up-and-coming area in Vietnam – District 4, while also ensuring it stands out among CapitaLand’s competitors in the market.

With “modern rhythm” as the main concept, we named the towers after music-related terminology (e.g. Alto, Bass, and Cello). To establish a solid and unique identity relevant to the target market, our team went with bold, contrasting colours for the development’s primary brand. Inspired by the project’s industrial design, brush stroke textures were used across the brochure, website, and outdoor hoardings.

One of the things we love about developing branding strategies for new developments like De La Sol is that there are great opportunities for FOREFRONT’s 3D and Visual team to demonstrate their expertise in creating photorealistic 3D visuals. For De La Sol, we completed a full set of 3D CGI Perspectives as well as a 3D Walkthrough video for more accurate representation and simulation for the target audience.

Gamuda Land Corporate Video - Gamuda Land

Instead of a staged, overly formal corporate video, Gamuda Land wanted a softer approach to showcase what shapes the company – its employees. Hence, FOREFRONT came up with a heartfelt video concept to feature the personal lives of a selection of Gamuda Land’s employees and how their own respective personal values contribute to the brand’s culture and social impact.

Titled “This Is What We Believe In”, the employees featured in the video were ones with different personalities: from a nature lover, to an artist, a student mentor, and a family man, they were all chosen to show how their personal lives influence Gamuda Land from the inside out, instead of embodying values the management imposes on them. The video also covered how their values coincided with those that Gamuda believed in as well – such as respecting nature and the environment, driving innovation and to create value, and caring for people and communities.

Social Media Marketing and Creative Collaterals - Wheelcorp Premium

Every vehicle dealership out there has one primary concern: the sales they’re making for its manufacturing brand. In this case, BMW and MINI dealership Wheelcorp Premium was looking to drive sales by attracting their target audience to their showroom. When FOREFRONT began working with them, we understood that Wheelcorp Premium’s objective was to raise awareness of their products and on-ground events. We proceeded onto proposing comprehensive digital marketing strategies and creative collaterals, with content unique to both of the dealership’s brands.

The strategy included weekly social media content to show the unique selling points (USP) of respective BMW and MINI models, as well as coming up with lifestyle content and festive greetings throughout the year. The Chinese New Year festive period, in particular, presented an opportunity for us to capitalise on higher customer interest in promotions online and offline with press ads, social media promotion posts and Google Ads. We were also in charge of offline creative collaterals and Facebook visuals for the SkyAvenue Spend & Win contest in collaboration with Genting Malaysia Berhad.

As an agency specialising in advertising for property clientele, working with Wheelcorp Premium was a refreshing experience diversifying into non-property clients. We believe that this benefits our agency by widening our clientele portfolio, and expanding our service offerings for our clients.

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