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In a country and culture where sparkling water is still a fairly foreign concept to most, Spritzer’s Sparkling Water faced the challenge of introducing a new category of water to the masses. Targeting the smaller variation of the sparkling water, FOREFRONT was tasked with increasing sales and simultaneously market sparkling water as an alternative to mineral water that offers the same benefits with an additional sensation.



FOREFRONT identified key moments where Malaysians would typically reach out for a cool drink that is healthy, guilt-free but with the carbonated sensation that most seek for when reaching for a fizzy soda. The messaging for this campaign was then built around those moments, and catchy visuals were then developed to draw attention, depicting the refreshing sensation that one gets when drinking Spritzer’s Sparkling Water. The campaign also included an ASMR video to incite aural satisfaction amongst the masses, convincing them that they do, can obtain enjoyment via a bottle of Spritzer Sparkling Water.

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