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GTRZ is a law firm that wanted to undergo an extensive rebranding effort. Due to the nature of their job and clients they undertake, many restrictions were posed and there were very strict guidelines as well as rules that the industry itself had imposed on the project. In a nutshell, they wanted to do anything they could to promote themselves in a new light, and to make the brand (and its services) more relatable and accessible to the general public.


FOREFRONT followed up by providing designs that struck a perfect balance between conventionalism and modernity as they were looking for something that was both current yet professional. We then introduced a website phase that would help them widen their customer network, enabling them to create long-term relationships, including an online personal lawyer and support section to make them easily accessible for a small monthly fee. The ultimate goal was to make the website digestible by folks from all walks of life, making it easy for potential customers to reach out to them for their services.

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