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Ecoworld International



Inspired by the innovative technology that they witnessed in the London property market, EcoWorld had a vision to raise the bar of the Malaysia property industry. FOREFRONT was tasked to conceptualise a method that allows seamless purchases of developments across the world, with just a few taps.


We developed an app to be utilised from the EcoWorld International Centre, where sales consultants are able to promote any EcoWorld project on an international scale to interested customers. This app allows the user to view specific projects and all the information related to it, right down to a detailed map of the development’s surroundings. Unique features of the development are also accessible, such as facilities, amenities and the architectural aspects of the project. FOREFRONT has made it possible to conduct international sales from just one central location, all with a few taps and fuss-free navigation.

Additional collaterals were also developed to further strengthen the identity that we have established for our client, such as the backdrop, launch video, a showreel of their projects and various press ads to create a wholesome branding exercise.

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