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PropertyGuru MY switches up content strategy with #GuruKnows series

PUBLISHED BY: Advertising+Marketing

19 May 2022

PropertyGuru Malaysia has unveiled a new content series titled #GuruKnows which aims to guide property buyers in making more confident decisions by curating some of the brand’s best content. Done in collaboration with Aforemention as part of a nine-month social media content strategy appointment, the brand said #GuruKnows is a result of combining digital platform insights and a creative persona.

The brand included a masthead that pays homage to PropertyGuru’s brand colours of red, yellow, white and grey to compliment the content series, in hopes that the function and purpose of the website can be highlighted. Featuring a persona with a smart hairstyle and glasses (pictured below), the brand seeks to portray an intelligent guru full of property knowledge, reinforcing the “guru” identity. PropertyGuru added that the letter “O” is stylised with a magnifying glass to symbolise the accessibility that users enjoy when seeking answers to their queries.

Aforemention was tasked with managing the brand’s social media content, and other performance marketing duties under the #GuruKnows content series. In addition,  the marketing agency will also work on elevating PropertyGuru Malaysia’s social content to further enhance their position in the property industry, targeting both current and future buyers. The pitch was called in March this year and the contract kicked off on 1 April.

PropertyGuru Malaysia’s spokesperson told A+M that Aforemention was chosen due to its ability to provide strategic recommendations that are realistic, creative and data-driven, which proves to be essential in today’s social media and performance marketing functions.

“Its high-quality creative direction and output also resulted in the “#GuruKnows” persona, which appropriately represents our mission to become the property trust platform which guides property seekers in their homeownership journey,” said Wong Siew Lai, director of marketing, Malaysia ( and

Meanwhile, Aforemention and its parent group FOREFRONT said that this is a pivotal point for brands to start communicating with property buyers of the future. Darien Mah, founder of FOREFRONT Group, added: “The aspiration to lead a good life starts early, it is up to industry players to grab their attention and nurture their intents as early as possible”. Sylvester Hiew, partner at Aforemention also explained that the brand was excited about the creative potential. “By injecting pop-culture references and memes into our assets, we can equip aspiring property buyers with crucial knowledge and at the same time keep them entertained,” he said.

To elevate the brand’s social content, Hiew explained that the agency will first listen and observe how audiences respond to the subtle changes in content. “The key is in sufficient testing on subject matter that will resonate well with consumers. As we gain more insights into what works amongst our target groups, we work closely with our client at PropertyGuru to curate a plan that entails a balanced mix between native and trendy content,” he explained.

As with any performance-driven task, Aforemention will also provide actionable recommendations on content format transformation or enhancements to ensure both brand and tactical objectives are met for the #GuruKnows content series.

Founded in 2020, Aforemention is driven by digital data and insights to create meaningful brand experiences. The agency offers bespoke digital services such as performance marketing, content marketing, search engine optimisation, and social media marketing. Some clients it has worked with include Baskin-Robbins, Aspen Group, Sunway Group, and EcoWorld.

Separately, on the marketing front, PropertyGuru appointed Adrian Tan as director of marketing operations. Tan is tasked with establishing digital marketing strategies and driving operations that address unique opportunities across for of the brand’s five markets – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

PropertyGuru officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange in March this year. CEO and MD, Hari V. Krishnan said then the successful listing on the NYSE will allow the company to open more doors for the millions of residents across Southeast Asia seeking the perfect home or property investment.

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