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FEMALE Tries: Hearty Comfort Food At Therefore Cafe


08 Aug 2019

Whether you’re looking for a cosy place to catch up with an old friend or seeking for a comfort meal, Therefore is the place to be.

Stepping foot into this brand new cafe will teleport you into a cosy environment which you’ll wish to stay in forever. As the third F&B establishment by FourbyFORE, an F&B company founded by FOREFRONT International, Therefore is a contemporary casual cafe that serves up satisfying comfort food in a sleek, sophisticated space.

Helmed by head chef Fahmie Samsudin who has more than 16 years of experience in the food industry, the menu features a mix of classic well-loved recipes, healthy options, as well as hearty Asian and Malaysian fusion dishes.

Their fusion concept extends beyond their menu to its interior which blends modern furnishings with a tropical twist. Think cosy surroundings paired with Mother Nature – that’s like a day at a spa in Bali! The cafe features woven surfaces and a vibrant mural by local artist Sam Lim that speaks to our Malaysian heritage, while velvet upholstery and gold finishes lend a plush touch to the interior.

Ahead of their opening on August 10, I had the opportunity to visit the cafe and try out their menu. Did they live up to my expectations? Read on to find out.

Nacho Regular Jack – Shredded jackfruit within a pile of nachos, topped with Asian salsa, guacamole, sour cream and cheese sauce

There are only two outcomes when it comes to nachos – it’s either really good or nothing special. While I’m a huge fan of jackfruit, I surely had my doubts when I saw shredded jackfruit topping this serving of nachos in front of me. Surprisingly, it’s one of the best combinations you can ever ask for as a nachos topping! The Asian salsa, guacamole, sour cream and cheese sauce heighten the savoury taste of the nachos, but the sweetness from the jackfruit refreshes your taste buds to keep you going back for more.

Vitamin Sea Soup – Mediterranean-style seafood soup made from shrimp, black mussels, clams and squid, cooked with chopped tomatoes and vegetables

If you’re seeking for tangy flavours to whet your appetite, go for the Vitamin Sea Soup. Packed with a generous amount of seafood, this Mediterranean-style soup is cooked with chopped tomatoes and vegetables to give your body a boost of vitamin C to stay healthy. The tanginess of the soup makes it a perfect choice as a hearty, comfort food, especially on rainy days.

Well-TEMPEred Salmon – Tender salmon with a tempeh herb crust served with seasonal vegetables, green pea puree and lime basil coconut sauce

Raw, fried or baked, salmon is a fish loved by many. And of course, I’m no exception. Not only was the salmon portion bigger than I expected, but the herb crust was also truly a delight thanks to the light crunch you get when paired with the tender salmon. The lime basil coconut sauce also gave off a Thai green curry taste-alike which I really enjoyed.

Money Bag Guarantee – Caramelised apples wrapped in a classic vanilla crepe, sprinkled with cinnamon and salted gula Melaka, served with coconut sorbet on vanilla crumble

Passing off as a very convincing main dish, I had initially thought it was a dumpling before realising that it’s actually a dessert! The method of wrapping caramelised apple with a crepe is undoubtedly unique and creative, and the coconut sorbet definitely adds a refreshing note to the overall taste.

Tom’s Yummy Two - Two-colour tom yum pasta tossed with grilled seasonal vegetables, black olives, cherry tomato confit, and fresh cilantro, then garnished with fresh galangal

Make No Mi-steak - Australian chilled grass-fed beef rib-eye with pumpkin ginger coulis, herb potatoes fondant, grilled seasonal vegetables and beef jus

Cotta Have Me Some Matcha! - Green tea and mint panna cotta with black sesame seed praline

Cheesy Gratin-tude - Butter rice topped with a gratin layer of creamy curry sauce and loads of cheese, served with mixed seafood

Chick(Peas) Offering - Vegetarian patty made from chickpeas, potatoes, and fresh herbs, topped with onion marmalade, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and a pandan wholemeal bun spread with pesto aioli

While the colour scheme of the cafe reflects femininity, it incorporates passionate coral and green shades to exude a warm personality from the cafe, making it a nice spot to spend your afternoon. Check out more of Therefore’s food selection before they open their doors on August 10.

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