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5 alternative mooncakes in 2019 that are Insta-perfect


20 Aug 2019

Mooncakes might be traditional but did you know that you can find contemporary versions in the Klang Valley? In a society that’s constantly seeking anything picture-perfect, these modern concoctions stand out with their appealing visuals and unusual flavours. If you prefer the legendary fare the way they have always been, check out this round-up. Otherwise, we have compiled a list of the sweet delights unlike the usual grub.

Forefront International

Forefront’s Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake gift set (which you can also get from Foremula, Therefore, and Forebidden) comes with six halal flavours and a lantern kit, which you can turn into a lamp. Each flavour is specially chosen to pay homage to Asian cultures. On the packaging design, you will notice a koi and a crane and they are delicately carved onto the mooncakes. #HarmooniousTogether indeed.

Price: RM119 for a box of six mooncakes; RM149 after introductory period

How to order: Visit this website or head over to ThereforeForebidden, and Foremula.

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