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Marketing // March 24, 2021

Diversity in Marketing: Why Does It Matter?

Diversity is more than just a buzzword. In the era of modern marketing, diversity is about recognising the differences between people and creating new systems that include everyone. Today, the “one size fits all” marketing approach is obsolete. Consumers are demanding to be seen and heard, and it is important for brands to listen to their consumers and align with their values. Here’s why diversity in marketing is taking over: 

1. It humanises your brand

Adding diversity to your marketing plan can add a human touch to your brand and build brand authenticity. Consumers are attracted to brands that can positively represent them, and brands that successfully create that resonance with their consumers will foster brand loyalty. Other than having an improved brand perception, applying diversity in marketing can also generate positive media coverage and improved public awareness – provided that the core message is authentic and integrated well into your media channels.


It’s true when they say Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures. What better way to showcase our country’s diversity with a festive campaign. For Chinese New Year 2021, FOREFRONT gathered its employees from diverse backgrounds to produce a wholesome music video:

2. It diversifies your audience

Brands are neglecting the full picture of their audiences. The image of a “typical consumer” is not as simple as brands make it out to be. The same old marketing plan that your brand has employed over and over again is redundant in today’s ever-evolving world. Brands that go the extra mile and adopt cultural-sensitive marketing strategies have better outreach and a stronger presence in the market. This can in return help your brand tap into new audiences. 


When brands consider and cater to customers beyond their segment, they get to redefine their target audience and reach a new group of people. In Nike’s case, their leap into modest sportswear has sparked positive global coverage. The launch of Pro Hijab signifies Nike’s stance in diversity and this move is celebrated by Muslim women around the world. 

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3. It creates value for your brand

Voting with your dollar is still a relevant concept today. Modern consumers are looking for more than what your brand can offer – they are looking for brands that represent their personal values. Promoting diversity in your brand messaging can reinforce the values your brand stands for and draw in fiercely loyal customers. Furthermore, implementing diversity in marketing can help your brand stay relevant in the highly competitive market and create a personalised experience for your customers. 


Consumers want to feel like they are valued and that they matter, which is exactly why Fenty Beauty’s inclusion campaign was a hit. Their ‘Beauty for All’ campaign is shaking up the beauty industry with their pledge to diversity and inclusion, featuring authentic and meaningful stories that are deeply rooted in culture.

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The concept of diversity in marketing is set to keep growing for years to come. Brands will have to take meaningful steps to diversify their marketing campaigns. As we evolve with the times, brands will have to continue developing an authentic voice that best represents their audiences.


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