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With the development name already present, FOREFRONT was tasked to develop a brand new concept that will align with the chosen name, and to portray the development in a high-end and elegant manner. Having established themselves as a textiles conglomerate over the last few decades, Jakel Group tasked FOREFRONT to conceptualise their maiden property development to suit the given name in a holistic manner.


The team decided to provide solutions that weave creativity and the client’s needs without compromising on the intended impact for buyers. Inspired by the jagged look of the façade when viewed from above, the concept developed brings a touch of class to the look and feel of the development. The walkthrough video captures the essence of elegance, and it keeps in line with the developer’s roots in the textiles industry. As it is a residential development, we integrated a homely feel to the best of our abilities by including cosy interior deco and footages of family for potential buyers to have a good idea of their future life here.

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