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Brand Challenge

With the overhaul of their loyalty card program, Petron approached us to dissect their current marketing issues concerning this and to propose methods and marketing collaterals that will help in highlighting the new benefits of their loyalty card. The obstacles that the brand faced in this exercise include being indistinguishable amongst its immediate competitors, and the lack of awareness that surrounds the loyalty card programme and its benefits.

Brand Solution

What we did was to guide them with 3 brand propositions (as opposed to their previous 4), slimming it down to something that is concise yet easy to remember concerning the benefits; Better Value, Better Rewards, and Better Privileges. We then followed up with various necessary marketing collaterals to help spread the message with a few more in the pipeline as this campaign is still an ongoing one. FOREFRONT’s proposal effectively resolved the underlying issues that the loyalty programme faced by creating catchphrases that went hand-in-hand with eye-catching visuals for the campaign, making it a memorable solution.