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Brand Challenge

The time frame for this project was one of our most wacky and compact yet. In less than two weeks, we had to produce an entire Mother’s Day campaign video – from writing the script, drawing the storyboard and sourcing talents, to shooting the video and recording voiceover narration. We also had to ensure the approach and tone for the video was lighthearted to highlight AirAsia’s fun side, while expressing heartfelt gratitude for mums everywhere.

Brand Solution

The client wanted the video to have a superhero theme. To adapt the concept, we wrote a script that explored the child’s perspective of his amazing, high-flying mother, adding comic book-like visual effects into the video. Because of the limited time, the cooperation between different departments – branding, creative and social media – had to be seamless. As of July 2017, the video is Airasia’s most-viewed video.