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Our Solutions

FOREFRONT's line-up of technological solutions is known as the Integrated Digital Multimedia System (IDMS) - a platform that allows access to information in real-time. This offers an all-in-one solution for our clients' needs, effectively creating a progressive resolution for them.


The FOREFRONT Benchmark

iPad Application

This digital and interactive application is customisable to include a variety of features, including allowing sales personnel to access prices and databases in real-time, as well as book/modify unit availability on the fly. On top of that, we can customise information to be collapsible and expandable with just a touch of the screen.


Our patented Multi-Flip allows sales personnel to engage larger audiences, especially in sales galleries. An iPad is wirelessly connected to two mounted wall television screens. Sales personnel can then ‘flip’ information from the iPad onto each separate screen, so audiences can easily read and compare information, as well as view renderings and visuals in high-definition.

Online Price Chart

Acting as an extension of the iPad, this price chart is a custom-made web-based application to help improve current property sales processes. This allows for concise yet meaningful reports to be generated in real-time, which can be updated and retrieved anytime, anywhere, from any device.


The latest addition to our tech portfolio is the Oculus Headset, allowing you to create whole worlds for potential customers. This heads-on immersion means they can see, hear and experience your product even before it’s made.


In the core of the IDMS lies a server and a Digital Multimedia Display (DMD) that cossets of a vertical screen (standing or mounted on the wall), with a horizontal screen in a cabinet acting as a tabletop. The DMD is activated by motion to trigger specific content on the vertical screen, meaning it's effortless for clients to pull up information on the sales chart or unit availability.