About the Campaign

The campaign title, 旺财好 (wàng cái hǎo), reflects a genuine wish for the receiver to experience incredible prosperity in the New Year and beyond (‘旺财’– prosperity; ‘好’– good). ‘旺财’ (wàng cái) is also a popular nostalgic Chinese name for dogs, especially mongrels – a fascinating duality for the Year of the Dog.

For many, Chinese New Year is a delightful time of homecoming and reunions. Thus, it is also our desire that the less-fortunate Wang Cai’s of this world can also experience hope and happiness – with the ultimate goal of giving them a better home.

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Picky Poopers

- Picky Poopers -
Dogs have a natural instinct to stay clean, so they never poop where they eat or sleep.

Safe and Sound

- Safe and Sound -
All adoptable dogs in PAWS are neutered/spayed to lessen their chances of getting contagious diseases and even cancer.

A Worthy Cause

- A Worthy Cause -
Neutering/spaying a dog is cheaper than a one-person setting at a restaurant reunion dinner.

The Multiplication Theory

- The Multiplication Theory -
Dogs mate in bi-annual waves: Sept-Nov, and Mar-June – that’s up to 18 puppies a year from just one dog!

Hellos and Goodbyes

- Hellos and Goodbyes -
The number of unwanted pets tends to rise sharply during festive seasons, a situation often caused by factors like inconvenience.

When You’re Gone

- When You’re Gone -
Dogs can track passing time. Some studies even show that your dog misses you more the longer you’ve been away!

Wild Wild World

- Wild Wild World -
Only 10-15% of street puppies survive puppyhood, due to harsh weather, illness, abusers, speeding vehicles and lacking nutrients.

The Power of Love

- The Power of Love -
Stray mongrels usually live only 4-5 years. In loving homes, they live up to 15 – or sometimes even 18-19 – years!

A Worthy Cause

- Super Smell -
Dogs have an awesome sense of smell: they also sniff out feelings, and even diseases like migraines, diabetes and cancer.