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Our Culture

Whenever you meet one of us, you’ll be glad to know that we adopt all these “FORE” values and strive to be at the front of them in our everyday life.


All Fore One and One Fore All


This means being enthusiastic in whatever we do. We’re all about our burning passion and giving team members the freedom to explore and express their creativity. Beyond what we put into our work, it is also having an interest in being part of our rapidly growing team, strengthening the ties between us to build a sense of togetherness.


We strive to reflect a sense of openness in our workplace by being receptive to communication and idea sharing with both an open heart and mind. Creating an environment that stimulates and is also fun is a huge priority, ensuring that everyone Forefronteer feels comfortable expressing their opinions freely.


We recognise the importance of not just concocting creativity but also producing work we can be proud of. We show this by taking ownership and the initiative to follow through and complete excellent work on time. We monitor our growth during tasks, interpersonal relationships, and even cheering up our teammates occasionally.


While having a formal system in the workplace is vital, it is important with an added measure of spunk! Ideas are born from creativity, and that requires an environment to develop and thrive in for the best output. With all the leisure facilities and equipment provided in the office, not to mention the occasional out-of-work excursion, Forefronteers are never short for opportunities to recharge.